Admission into the festival tent:
Exclusively for evening and afternoon reservations on Saturdays starting at 2pm, admission tickets are available for one-time admission into the festival tent. Admission tickets can be picked up along with any vouchers or can be automatically sent to you via mail. There are no other admission tickets for all other days and afternoons until 2pm.

Possible closure of the main entrances to Oktoberfest due to overfilling:
Guests with a table reservation in a tent do have special access to the Oktoberfest when the main entrances are temporarily closed due to overfilling.
Please use the entrances P13 (near “Bavaria” statue) or P7 (near Beethovenstreet) to access the area. Don’t forget to take the confirmation for your reservation with you!
Find the official map of Oktoberfest HERE.

Up-to-date information can also be obtained via the official Oktoberfest APP